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Middlehope Veterinary Hospital
Middlehope Veterinary Hospital


Bringing Your New Kitten to the Vet

You’ve done it! You’ve brought a new kitten into your family. Congratulations! After setting up the litter box, scratching post, food and water bowls, and millions of cat toys, it… Read more

8 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

You’ll Be a Hero! - They need a home and deserve a chance to live out their later years in a loving home. Senior dogs spend nearly four times as… Read more

Canine Training Academic Article

Middlehope Veterinary Hospital & Pet N Play Resort Canine Training Academy Does your fur baby completely ignore you when you call them? Is it impossible to take them on walks?… Read more

Choosing the Right Vet for You & Your Pet

1. Word of mouth. Some of the best information you can acquire about a prospective veterinarian is from people who have had experiences in a practice. Where do your friends take their… Read more

Halloween Safety Tips

Know what can make Halloween truly terrifying? Pets who get into these dangerous situations. Here are 7 safety tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween: Keep all candies, including… Read more

5 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

It’s getting hot, hot, hot--and warm weather doesn’t just affect humans! High temperatures can cause serious health problems for our pets if we don’t keep them cool. Follow these tips… Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness – For Dogs & Cats, Too!

Most people are aware of the threat of breast cancer to both men and women and the importance of early detection. But did you know your pets can get breast… Read more

What Do You Do When Your Cat Hates the Vet?

Whether he’s not feeling well or due for his annual wellness visit, getting your cat to the vet can be stressful for both you and your kitty. Cats are the… Read more

Keep Your Pet Safe from Heat Stroke!

It’s been a hot one! When the heat index pushes temps into the triple digits, it’s important to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind. A dog’s normal temperature… Read more

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