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8 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

  1. You’ll Be a Hero! – They need a home and deserve a chance to live out their later years in a loving home. Senior dogs spend nearly four times as long on pet adoption sites as younger dogs do. You’ll be saving their life and giving another dog that needs rescuing a chance and a safe place to wait for their furever home.
  1. Clean Floors – You won’t have to worry about house training a senior dog & your floors will thank you! 
  1. Skip Socialization & Basic Training –  Most senior dogs already understand basic commands and have learned many of life’s lessons. They are house-trained, leash trained and some are crate trained. Don’t be fooled, old dogs can learn new tricks! They’re easy to train because they are mature, calm and more focused than a puppy. 
  1. What You See is What You Get – Senior dogs are fully grown into their adult size and have established their personalities. Rescue’s might also know if they’re good with other animals based on their history. Fewer surprises makes it easier to determine which dog is right for you and your family.  
  1. Less Expensive – Most would think older pets are the more costlier ones but that isn’t necessarily true. While they may have age related issues, if they receive routine veterinary care they may not be costly ones. Puppies require a lot of vaccines, more trips to the vet, spaying and neutering and then the cost of training. Also many shelters discount adoption fees for seniors giving more room in your budget for treats and toys!
  1. Less Demanding – Getting a puppy can be overwhelming, puppy proofing your home, 4AM walks, training behavior and commands, puppies are very much a 24/7 job. Senior dogs settle into the home more easily and dont require constant monitoring leaving you with more time to do your own thing. Senior dogs don’t require a lot of exercise and are content with casual walks. Senior dogs love being with their owners but they will also happily amuse themselves with a chew toy or nap the day away on the couch. 
  1. You Can Sleep In! – Older dogs are used to human schedules unlike puppies who can have erratic nap patterns and middle of the night potty runs. They will adjust to your schedule, which means when you’re asleep, they’re asleep and no sleepless nights of a new puppy howling to go potty. 
  1. They Still Have a Lot of Love to Give – Because senior dogs need less time to settle in and adjust they’re ready to be your new best friend! Most senior dogs have had a rough life but they’re ready to put the past behind them to enjoy cuddles for the rest of their days. Nothing compares to the love and gratitude of a senior dog!

If you think a senior dog is right for you check out Take Me Home Pet Rescue ! Every Senior dog adopted with Take Me Home Pet Rescue can have their first wellness exam complimentary with us at Middlehope Veterinary Hospital. Call for an appointment today! 

Do you have a senior pet? Share their photo on our facebook page and tell us what makes them unique and wonderful!

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