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Middlehope Veterinary Hospital
Middlehope Veterinary Hospital

Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic Care

Sometimes, we need to perform advanced diagnostic tests in order to figure out exactly what is going on in your pet’s body. This way, we can provide your pet with the best comprehensive treatment. Our in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art ultrasound and radiology equipment allow us to evaluate your pet’s health, arrive at a diagnosis and begin treatment in minutes. This is critical for acute cases, as faster treatment often helps pets begin the healing process faster.

Our facilities include:

  • High-resolution ultrasound technology
  • Digital X-ray suite
  • Digital dental X-ray
  • Fully equipped, in-house laboratory that can provide CBC analysis, blood chemistry analysis, blood electrolyte analysis, blood coagulation profiles and rapid detection SNAP tests, including tick diseases, canine and feline pancreatic tests, heartworm, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus and parvo
  • Indirect blood pressure monitor
  • Tonometry, which detects glaucoma
  • High-resolution vet scope, for diagnosis of ear diseases
  • Microscopy, for in-house examination of cytology (cell) samples, blood smears, skin scrapes and fecal analyses to test for abnormalities
  • A visiting internal medicine specialist who can conduct endoscopies of the lower and upper gastrointestinal tract in order to diagnose esophagus, stomach, intestine or colon issues and who can also conduct bone marrow aspirates (removal of small amount of bone marrow in liquid form so it can be tested for abnormalities)

Fast and thorough diagnoses can save your pet’s life. If you’re concerned about your pet’s health, please:

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