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Keep Your Pet Safe from Heat Stroke!

Heat Stroke in Dogs

It’s been a hot one!

When the heat index pushes temps into the triple digits, it’s important to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind.

A dog’s normal temperature is approximately 101 degrees. When temperatures rise into the high double and triple digits, it becomes more difficult for your pet to regulate their temperature, putting them at risk heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Elderly and brachycephalic breeds are especially sensitive to heat and need to limit outdoor activities. Avoid any exercise during the hottest times of the day and always provide access to fresh water and shade.

Be mindful of the signs that your dog is beginning to overheat, including panting, drooling, unsteadiness, and lethargy. If your dog begins to show signs of heat stroke, contact us right away so we can begin cooling treatments as soon as possible!

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