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Middlehope Veterinary Hospital
Middlehope Veterinary Hospital


Cat Litter Box Problems

Dr Sarah-Jane Molier Toileting outside of the litter box is one of the most common behavioral problems seen in cats. So you are not alone if you are experiencing this!… Read more

Importance of Preventative Vaccines

With the new coronavirus vaccines being rolled out across the world, there has never been a better time to think about protecting your family from disease by vaccination – and… Read more

Mobility issues in dogs and cats

By Rebecca MacMillan BVetMed MRCVS Cats and dogs can experience problems with mobility for many reasons. Most people are familiar with age-related arthritis, but there can be all sorts of… Read more

Itchy Dogs and Cats: Causes and Treatments

Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS Now that the weather is warming up, more dogs and cats will be affected by seasonal allergies, which can make the skin itchy, red, and… Read more

Your pet’s wellness exam: why we recommend regular wellness exams and screening tests

Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS As a pet parent, you want your furry friend to stay as happy and healthy as possible. Most pet owners are aware of the annual… Read more

Behavior Problems in Dogs: An Overview

Introduction As a pet parent, you want your fur baby to be happy and contented, so if your dog experiences behavior problems it can be upsetting and stressful. There are… Read more

Hair coat issues in pets

We all want our pets to be looking their best since it's a sign of tip-top health. But sometimes our fur babies' hair coats can start looking like they've seen… Read more

Vomiting in Dogs and Cats: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

As a pet parent, it’s impossible to escape the odd pile of vomit every now and then! It’s not uncommon for dogs and cats to vomit occasionally, and usually this… Read more

Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats – All You Need to Know About Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Healthy dogs and cats should normally produce firm stools that are well-formed and are brown in color. A dog or cat that is suffering from diarrhea will produce feces that… Read more

Dental Care: Looking after your pet’s teeth

We all know how important it is to take care of our own teeth, but what about our pets? Home care, as well as veterinary care, is necessary to keep… Read more

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